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Create your irresistible webinar presentation, fill it up with prospects and sell in an effective non-salesy way with my step-by-step webinar training.
What is The Legal Project Triple Constraint Module?
A Behind The Scenes Guide of How I Sell On Webinars
Learn what you can sell successfully on a webinar, and follow my proven steps to ensure maximum sales. 

Step-by-Step Webinar Training For Female Entrepreneurs
These are my exact processes that I have trialled, tested and proven within my own 7 figure business that will finally give you a clear map for deploying your own successful webinar. 

A Method For Creating Your Presentation
Identify the crucial elements you need to include in your presentation for maximum success. 

A Click-by-Click Guide For Setting Up Your Webinar
Learn how to set up a live webinar and an automated webinar from beginning to end.
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Learn how to rev up your working life to become super organised, super focused and super productive!
The rules of the game have changed for lawyers in the 21st century.
Over the last decade, we have seen revolutionary changes to the way lawyers need to perform their work. By taking responsibility for your personal productivity and adopting innovative ways of working under Legal Project Management, you will outperform the competition.
For external counsel, this means retaining existing clients and attracting new clients.
For in-house counsel, this means responding to the priorities and objectives of your internal stakeholders.
All lawyers can to embrace innovative ways of working to increase their productivity. And the bonus is that you can achieve all of this and also reduce your stress, increase your job satisfaction and get back to living your life.
It is impossible to adopt new practices without a solid foundation of personal organisation and simple disciplines.
It would be like trying to build a house on quick sand!
That’s Why I Created The Personal Productivity Toolkit
I am a global leader in project management capability building and have been working with lawyers to introduce Legal Project Management tools and techniques over the last 10 years.
It all started after the Global Financial Crisis with the following market pressures - there were less legal transactions; there was a trend away from external counsel; clients began demanding more visibility and control over costs; firms began to adopt process improvement and project management techniques to survive.
During this time I've worked with thousands of lawyers to introduce innovative ways of working that delight clients, reduce stress, improve work-life balance and lead to better legal outcomes.
As part of this work, I discovered that most lawyers have not been introduced to personal productivity concepts that many other professionals take for granted.
So, I've gathered my selection of the’ best of the best’ personal productivity tools together to share exclusively with you.
What's Inside The Legal Project Management
Triple Constraint Module?
Matter Scoping
Matter Scheduling
Matter Costing
Matter Resourcing & People Management
And a whole lot more....
Webinar Fundamentals and Tools
  • ​Learn which type of webinar will work best for your business
  • ​My favourite strategies to create a successful, profit generating webinar
  • ​What you can sell on your webinar to maximise profit
  • ​The tools you need to build your webinar successfully, without breaking the bank
Step-by-Step Guide on How To Set Up Your Webinar
  • Follow click-by-click as I show you exactly how to build out your live or automated webinar
  • ​My favourite tips and tricks for hassle free webinar construction.
Your Webinar Presentation 
  • ​Come behind the scenes with me as I show you each step of my most successful webinar presentation
  • ​Exactly what you should say on your webinar can even copy mine. 
  • ​How to generate profit through a non-salesy presentation
Step-by-Step Guide on How To Set Up Your Webinar
  • Follow click-by-click as I show you exactly how to build out your live or automated webinar
  • ​My favourite tips and tricks for hassle free webinar construction.
And a whole lot more...
Yes! Claim your $147 introductory membership credit for your first month of access to the Legal Project Management Inner Circle today for FREE!!! 
It works! See what my trainees have to say... 
Don't go another day without the Personal Productivity Toolkit!
Seriously... don't do it.
In just hours from now, you could be on your way to reducing your stress and getting into your peak zone of productivity.
It's simply not sustainable to keep pulling off the impossible by working crazy hours and missing out on living your life!
You'll be able to achieve more in less time, delight your boss and your clients and regain control of your working life by...
...incorporating these simple tools and concepts into your regular daily routine.
Once you get started you'll wonder why you waited so long!
Why risk missing another deadline just because you lost sight of your priorities or losing a client because you didn't deliver...
...when you can have all these amazing tools at your finger tips so you can get back on top again?
These tools are proven and super easy to implement...
...I use them all myself and people marvel at my productivity and success!
All you need to do is implement a few simple tools and you'll be heading in the right direction in no time at all...'ll wonder what took you so long!
And price shouldn't be an issue, because the complete "Personal Productivity Toolkit" is only $17 USD.
Yep, just $17 USD.
Literally, you can buy a nice glass of wine, download some cool tunes or... can put your productivity on steroids; reduce the overwhelm; impress you boss; win and retain more clients; get to the gym; take your partner out for dinner; and ultimately reclaim your work-life balance!
I've done the hard work for you and selected a set of easy to use tools that will jump start your productivity and have you on the way to achieving more success with much less stress.
I've tried and tested these tools in my own work and personal life. As a result, I have laser like focus and achieve unprecedented levels of productivity - all whilst getting to the gym, spending time with family and friends every week, socialising almost every night, and skiing or rock climbing every weekend!
THE CHOICE IS YOURS and you'll get your money back if you don't get tremendous value!
Take the next step and click the 'Add to Cart' button below to have my Personal Productivity Toolkit.
If you want to free yourself from stress and overwhelm ...
... then click the 'Add To Cart' button right now! 
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Your Questions Answered...
Is there a guarantee?
Yes...I have a 30-day guarantee.
If you don't receive massive value in this training, just send an email to let me know and I will refund your $17 USD. I don't think it'll come to that, but if you're concerned if this will work for you, then this makes it an easy decision.
Remember that I am providing the tools and you need to provide the determiniation - so either get the results you want or you get your money back. It's as simple as that!

How long will it take to get access?
You'll receive immediate access!
The Personal Productivity Tookit will be sent directly to your email inbox and it's yours to keep forever! It is subject to copyright and for your own personal use only, it shouldn't be passed on to anyone who hasn't purchased it! As lawyers, I know that you will respect the intellectual property contatined in my products.
Why $17?
If you're thinking "why only $17...there must be a catch?" Then here are three reasons that should put your mind at rest
1. $17 makes the material more affordable and therefore available to everyone - from sole practitioners to lawyers working in small to medium sized firms, in-house legal counsel and layers in large firms.
2. If it's free then you're unlikely to take the action required to reclaim your personal productivity and I'm only interested in you if you're serious about transforming your working life. I don't have time for time wasters!
3. I asked the question and $17 just works the best for everyone.
I also believe that once you receive the Personal Productivity Toolkit, and see the massive impact it has on your performance, that you will want to learn more from me, especially in the field of Legal Project Management.


There's no fine print, no hidden costs and no catch. Just the tools you need to get the results you deserve!
Get INSTANT Access To The Legal Project Management 
Inner Circle Now! 

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