Legal Project Management Frameworks
For lawyers and project professionals who want to stress less and live more!
   These simple tools have helped thousands of lawyers and project team members increase their focus, achieve more and 
stress less.
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I've been working with Therese for years, during that time she worked with us to create Ashurst's
Legal Project Management Framework and introduced my team of Legal Project Managers
to amazingly simple tools that have increased their productivity.
Rachael Moore, Global Head of Legal Project Management, Ashurst
The number of our matters doubled unexpectedly one January. The lawyers who were actively
using the frameworks and tools introduced by Therese sailed through it and the others really
struggled to keep up.
Ben Martin, Joint Managing Partner, Norton White
Therese has delivered training for me when I was at Gilbert + Tobin and again in my role at McCabes,
where we also engaged her to provide on the job coaching to our practice groups. In the coaching
 she is gently persuasive, and is such an expert that she is able to select exactly the right tool
 for every situation and every individual. 
Jane Hogan, Head of Knowledge & Transformation, McCabe Curwood
In this free FRAMEWORK, I'll show you:
Learn how to prioritse your work so you can focus on critical activities; increase your producitivity and restore your work-life balance. You will be overwhelmed if everything you do is important and urgent.  
Time boxing is the equivalent to performing personal productivity magic trick!

You will learn how to create space to concentrate on the most important and fulfilling activities.
Being organised requires daily discipline. Your daily book will become a symbol of your increased productivity and you will want to carry it everywhere with you.
It is ciritical to take contraol of your working life, just knowing everything that has been assigned to you will reduce your stress. 
and more...
Hi, I’m Therese Linton, a global leader in project management capability building, and over the last decade I’ve worked with thousands of lawyers to introduce innovative ways of working that delights clients, reduces stress, improves work-life balance and leads to better legal outcomes.
As part of the work I do training and coaching lawyers in Legal Project Management, I discovered that most lawyers have not been introduced to personal productivity concepts that many other professionals take for granted. So, I gathered together my selection of the’ best of the best’ personal productivity tools and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.
These tools and concepts are practical and easy to use. You will learn how to become more productive and less stressed without wasting your own valuable time. I’ve done all the work for you.
My purpose it to inspire you to transform your working life and to achieve great things.
Take control of your personal productivity and get back your life.. 

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