The POSITIVE Lawyer Coaching 
Unique coaching program designed for lawyers and tailored specifically for you!
Are you overwhelmed and not sure how to move forward?

Have you lost your spark and want to be happier at work?

Are you ready for increased positivity, resilience and confidence?

Here's the solution for lawyers who want to stress less and live more!
Be supported with this ground breaking coaching program, tailored to address the complex challenges faced by lawyers today.

Over 12 weeks you will participate in 6 face to face sessions or workshops and have fortnightly contact to complete guided activities to support your breakthrough and transformation!

It's time to release yourself from limiting beliefs; learn new skills that are critical to your success; develop and implement realistic action plans; reignite your enthusiasm for your career!
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The BASALT Group introduces The POSITIVE Lawyer program...
Boost your productivity and unlock your potential
  • ANALYSE where your time goes
  • ​​ELIMINATE the time-wasters and low priority activities
  • IDENTIFY your own highs and lows
  • ADOPT practical tools and daily disciplines
  • TAKE ACTION to boost your productivity 
  • ​EMBED new habits and achieve exponential results
Transform the way you work
  • GET ORGANISED with Legal Project Management
  • ​​​INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS with Legal Process Improvement
  • ​IMPROVE client relationships and satisfaction
  • ENERGISE your team through collaboration
  • SHARE knowledge with less experienced team members 
  • ​EMBED new habits and achieve exponential results
Find meaning and free yourself from limiting beliefs
  • IDENTIFY beliefs that are holding you back
  • ​​UNDERSTAND the negative impacts of these beliefs
  • ​FREE yourself from thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back
  • ​SELECT empowering beliefs that support your success and happiness
  • ​MAGNIFY the positive impact of empowering beliefs
  • ​PULL yourself towards abundance and increased positivity
Improve your resilience and optimism
  • ANALYSE and understand your levels of pessimism
  • ​​​ELIMINATE negative thought patterns 
  • CHOOSE more empowering ways of thinking
  • GROW your ability to thrive in challenging environments
  • CONFIDENTLY apply new skills and thinking styles 
  • ​MASTER new ways of working and thinking
Manage your emotions and improve relationships
  • ​​​IDENTIFY negative emotions undermining your happiness
  • RELEASE yourself from the impacts of negative emotions
  • OBSERVE negative emotions and see them as constructive feedback 
  • CHOOSE your responses and improve relationships
  • UNDERSTAND emotional responses and choose your reactions
  • ADAPT to lead teams better and improve individual performance 
Improve your focus and achieve your goals
  • REMOVE distractions and time-wasters from your day
  • PRIORITISE the time-wasters and low priority activities
  • MANAGE your energy and effort to achieve results
  • SELECT better habits that support your happiness and success
  • ACHIEVE your goals with new habits and achieve exponential results 
  • CONFIDENTLY deliver on time, on budget and delight your clients
Ready to be inspired to transform your life? 
Hi, I’m Therese Linton, a global leader in legal project management and legal process improvement, and over the last decade I’ve worked with thousands of lawyers to introduce innovative ways of working that delights clients, reduces stress, improves work-life balance and leads to better legal outcomes. 

I've been encouraged by my best friend, business partner and many clients to expand the positive impact of these ways of working with the NEW Positive Lawyer coaching program. 

The Positive Lawyer provides the new 'non-negotiable' approaches to legal work, and a well researched collection of tools and techniques to support positive mindsets, improve resilience and uplift legal working environments. 
I've been growing and learning throughout this journey myself. I have firsthand experience with learning new skills, along with the ups and downs that are inevitable when striving for mastery.

So, are you ready to make a conscious choice to think, live and work more positively? This has never been more critical for lawyers and the perfect time to get started is NOW!

My aim is to inspire you to transform your working life and achieve great things.



I've been working with Therese for years, during that time she worked with us to create Ashurst's Legal Project Management Framework and introduced my team of Legal Project Managers to amazingly simple tools that have increased their productivity.
Rachael Moore, Global Head of Legal Project Management, Ashurst
The number of our matters doubled unexpectedly one January. The lawyers who were actively using the frameworks and tools introduced by Therese sailed through it and the others really struggled to keep up.
Ben Martin, Joint Managing Partner, Norton White
Therese has delivered training for me when I was at Gilbert + Tobin and again in my role at McCabes, where we also engaged her to provide on the job coaching to our practice groups. In the coaching she is gently persuasive, and is such an expert that she is able to select exactly the right tool for every situation and every individual. 
Jane Hogan, Head of Knowledge & Transformation, McCabe Curwood
Take control and create a happier and more positive life... 
The POSITIVE Lawyer coaching program...
Kick off with a productivity audit to identify time wasters and work with your energy patterns.

Learn how to focus on critical activities; increase your productivity; and restore your work-life balance

You will be overwhelmed if everything you do is important and urgent! 

Lifetime access to the Personal Productivity Training Course... 
Be inspired to transform the way you work by adopting tools and concepts from Legal Project Management and Legal Process Improvement. 

Learn from a global leader who literally wrote the book on Legal Project Management. Deliver on time, on budget and delight clients!

Bonus Legal Project Management training and reference materials...
Identify, remove and replace the negative self talk, negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Clear the slate...

Build positive foundations that will accelerate your success!
It is critical to increase your resilience to be successful in challenging environments.

Practical tools and ways of thinking to increase your optimism and adopt a growth mindset.

Understand how the fear of failure or success can be holding you back then learn how to overcome those fears.


Lead yourself and your teams better by understanding and choosing more positive emotional responses.

Tools to identify inappropriate emotional responses and replace them with more considered reactions.

Become an adaptable leader and inspire the best performance out of each team member and yourself!


Successful people set goals, prioritise and take action in a disciplined way. They refine and adjust regularly to stay on track.

Eliminate poor habits that are draining your energy and establish good habits to uplift your performance and accelerate the achievement of your goals!
And much more...
Can't wait to become more resilient and less overwhelmed? 


YES, YES, YES it does. I've got so many examples of the improvements that can be achieved by individual lawyers, as well as legal teams. I've only got room to share one with you now.

Here's one quick example of how my personal productivity tools can make an immediate and tangible difference...


Around 7 years ago,  I was working with a team of lawyers in a mid-tier firm to introduce Legal Project Management (LPM). 

I was delivering activity based training every fortnight and also providing on-the-job support aimed at developing LPM precedents that the team could use to increase both their effectiveness (through higher and more predictable quality) and efficiency (by getting more done and not missing deadlines).

I was working with a Senior Associate to map out the phases, deliverables and activities for her matters when it became obvious to me that she was so overwhelmed that she couldn't think straight.

Before we could begin to develop the LPM precedents to support delegation and improve quality and consistency, I needed to find ways to reduce her stress so that she'd have the head space to concentrate on the task at hand. I quickly dove into my kit bag of techniques for getting organised and selected the Daily Book supported by the Personal Prioritisation Matrix.

I worked with her over the next few sessions to design her own approach to these tools and in our third session together I was so happy to see her commitment to her new Daily Book.
She shared her feelings of sheer relief about being better organised and also mentioned that she had been seriously considering resigning due to the intense overwhelm and stress - this would have resulted in a massive loss of knowledge for the firm. 

Instead, we went on to develop amazing LPM precedents that are regularly shared with clients and team members, and still in use today!

I knew then that I could combine Legal Project Management with Personal Productivity Tools to...

...have a positive impact on the working lives of lawyers across the globe!

The POSITIVE Lawyer coaching program magnifies the positive impacts of Legal Project Management even more. The new coaching program includes Legal Project Management and Personal Productivity and takes them to the next level!

I am regularly told by my legal clients that I am a natural coach and that they love working with me, so I decided to obtain my NLP practitioner certification to provide a more solid foundation for the 'positive' nature of my coaching work. NOW I'm ready to introduce you to The POSITIVE Lawyer!

 I will take you beyond work survival mode and support you to thrive!

Are you ready to find your purpose and live a more meaningful life? 


Committing to a positive mindset

It's easy to say that you will try to be more positive, although many people don't really understand what that means and the word 'try' is the critical failure point in that commitment. 

In the words of Yoda..."No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.” 

Nuture vs Nature

Some people are more naturally optimistic and more positive than others, it has to do with our brain chemistry. That's NOT a reason to STOP! There is so much research in the field of Positive Psychology that points to the benefits of positive thought. Everyone benefits from consciously putting effort into thinking and behaving in a more positive way.

And when combined with the concepts of a Growth Mindset...we can all learn and master better ways of thinking, living and being!

Principles for a Positive Life! Self regulation is the key...

I've reflected and read extensively on concepts related to positivity and make it a daily habit to consciously consider how I can inject more positivity into my life. For me, this is the foundation for living a happy and fulfilled life.

As I was about to write about 'the rules that I live by', I realised that I find the concept of 'rules' to be inherently limiting and in some way negative. So, here are my 'Principles for a Positive Life'...

Principles for a Positive Life

  • ​Look for purpose and fulfillment - having a specific purpose for your life provides direction and meaning. 
  • ​​Develop a positive mindset and environment - concentrate your mind on the good and constructive aspects of life and eliminate negative or destructive attitudes and emotions.
  • Sleep well, eat well, move well, breathe well - if you are neglecting your health, diet and fitness then you will lower your productivity and happiness.

The purpose of my life is to share knowledge and create change

​Learn from the past, plan for the future and live in the present! 

  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude - developing and maintaining a gratitude practice is a great way to boost your positivity.
  • ​​Concentrate and remain mindful - mindfulness is all about being completely in the present moment. 
  • ​​Manage emotions and develop your emotional intelligence - emotional intelligence is often more important when it comes to being happy and successful.
  • ​Be disciplined about your habits - it is critical to ensure that your daily habits are all aligned to the creation of the life you deserve and to achieving your ultimate purpose.
  • ​Develop connections and relationships - evidence shows that good relationships are important to our mental well-being and happiness.
  • ​​There is no failure, only learning - this ability makes us more resilient and more likely to be happy and successful.
  • ​​Have conversations not arguments - it's all about improving relationships and communication by remaining open and curious.

Be kind to yourself and turn that inner critic into your inner coach!

We can all learn and master better ways of thinking, living and being!

  • Be curious, not judgmental - this simple state of mind increases our empathy and allows us to find more meaning. ​
  • ​​Be brave - being brave or courageous doesn't mean that you have no fear, it means that you are willing to feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • Be kind - kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. 
  • ​​Have a beautiful life - LOVE is an infinite force. The more you give out the more you receive. 

Use these positivity principles and you will be happier and more successful! 

It's time to make a commitment to living a better life and performing at your best!

 You have the power to supercharge your productivity and live a life full of positivity! 

Take the first step and live better...

Take control of your mindset and get back your life... 

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