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Other LPM texts are 2 to 5 times more expensive and they can be a dry read!
I should know, I wrote one of them...
The Legal Project Management Minibook is more accessible.
You'll get 49 pages of succinct and up to date LPM knowledge that every lawyer should know.

It's designed especially to support the learning objectives of the LPM training programs that we offer so you can deliver on time, on budget and delight your clients! 

What are you waiting for? This is an essential tool for ALL 21st century lawyers...!
Hi, I’m Therese Linton, a global leader in Legal Transformation.

Over the last decade I’ve worked with thousands of lawyers to develop competencies in Legal Project Management, Legal Process Improvement, Legal Operations and related disciplines that ALL lawyers need to succeed in the 21st century. 

These are the things you didn't learn at Law School, or as part of your practising certificate. I set up The BASALT Group and The Positive Lawyer to specifically address the need for high quality self education in these critical areas.

The rules of the game and the expectations of legal clients have changed. You now require skills in addition to your amazing legal expertise, a deep knowledge of the law in your chosen practice area is just not enough. 

Clients want you to engage collaboratively and support them as they make decisions about matter scope, adjust schedules, juggle budgets, mitigate risk and manage variations.

Simply put, clients expect you to deliver amazing legal outcomes that meet their expectations and to do this on time and on budget every time! 

Early adopters of Legal Project Management and Legal Process Improvement have the best chance of succeeding in this new legal environment. 

I literally wrote the book on Legal Project Management (LPM) and I've devoted my entire career to project delivery, including many years as an academic in the field. 

I've got the academic and professional credentials to break down these innovative concepts into practical components that you can easily and quickly incorporate into your ways of working.
My purpose it to inspire you to transform your working life and achieve great things.  
Delight your clients by delivering on time and on budget...
The rules of the game have changed for lawyers in the 21st century. 
Over the last decade, we have seen revolutionary changes to the way lawyers need to perform their work. By taking responsibility for your personal productivity and adopting innovative ways of working under Legal Project Management, you will outperform the competition. 
For external counsel, this means retaining existing clients and attracting new clients. 
For in-house counsel, this means responding to the priorities and objectives of your internal stakeholders. 
All lawyers can embrace Legal Project Management's innovative ways of working to increase their productivity. And the bonus is that you can achieve all of this and also reduce your stress, increase your job satisfaction and delight your clients! 
It's impossible to adopt new working habits without being willing to try out new tools and techniques. So let's put the LPM Minibook in your toolbox today for just $47 USD. That's less then the cost of your gym membership for the month and it will be money well spent!
what's inside the LPM Minibook?
1. LPM Framework
Learn about the LPM Framework and the foundation of ALL project based work - the TRIPLE CONSTRAINT.

Understand the complex interrelationships between scope, time, cost and quality and how to manage trade-offs to deliver on time and on budget every time. 
Learn key concepts that drive clear and complete matter scoping and provide the basis for vasriations to avoid write-offs.

Discover the two key LPM precedents that will significantly improve your delivery - Matter Overviews and Matter Structures.  
Learn how to consider interrelationships and develop the Matter Timeline so that you never miss a deadline again.

Understand the difference between effort and duration to improve your planning. 

Learn how to accurately cost a matter to drive more effective Matter Pricing and reduce write offs.

Consider the importance of completing scoping and scheduling before you lock in the final matter cost.
and more...
What are you waiting for? Go ahead - take the next step...
It all started after the Global Financial Crisis with the following market pressures - there were less legal transactions; there was a trend away from external counsel; clients began demanding more visibility and control over costs; firms began to adopt process improvement and project management techniques to survive.

These concepts can be daunting at first. Many lawyers have heard of LPM and are subject to pressure from clients and supervisors to deliver on time and on budget, and yet they still have no real concept of how to apply LPM tools in practice.   
Taking a little time to learn more about LPM will give you the tools to stress less and deliver more! 

This is the start of something big...and I'm here to support you when you take the next step.  
What are you waiting for? 

The Legal Project Management Minibook is an essential tool for every 21st century lawyer, so put it in your tool box today.
Get INSTANT access to the Legal Project Management Minibook and take the next step...

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